Vore Station drawing of the vap mascot holding a computer mouse with a construction sign to the right

the VoreStation project is a combination of two different goals:
to create a new UNIX-like operating system built from the ground-up for PowerPC systems, and to create new hardware to run it on.

vap, the operating system, is a UNIX-like operating system based on a custom microkernel architecture with a focus on both creating a fun and extensible environment for users and developers alike, and improving the global knowledgebase of PowerPC-targeted operating system development.

the hardware, known as the VoreStation, is a desktop workstation computer designed around the PowerPC 7xx series of processors and the PCI bus standard. it is intended to be compliant with the CHRP standard, and will be designed to be as open as possible, with the goal of allowing users to easily modify, upgrade, and even build their own hardware.

development of both vap and the VoreStation is still in the early stages, and as such, there is currently no demo available. however, code for some of the components of vap is already available on our git server (such as our Rust-OpenFirmware API interface), and we are working on getting a demo of vap available for Apple's New World PPC Mac series. the VoreStation hardware is still in the design phase, however we will be posting updates on its development to the social media platforms linked below.

you can support our development team on LiberaPay here:

you can follow the development of both vap and the VoreStation on the following profiles:

legal disclaimer

this project is not associated in any way with the Unix brand or trademark, despite any potential similarities or references to Unix or other Unix-like operating systems.

image of xenia, an anthropomorphic fox who was a contender for the linux mascot image made by @cathodegaytube!