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dms between husky and wukko on telegram, describing wukk OS, an operating system; conversation ending in 'you'll get sued'

wukkOS is a fully custom-built operating system, using a custom kernel based upon ideals from Blog OS as well as various unix-like operating systems. it is currently very early in development, and definitely is not ready for use yet. however, you can find the source code and/or obsessively watch me make commits on github.

you can follow the development of wukkOS on the following profiles:

legal disclaimer

wukko's name is being used with permission from wukko for this project.

this project is not associated in any way with the Unix brand or trademark, despite any potential similarities or references to Unix or other Unix-like operating systems.

image of xenia, an anthropomorphic fox who was a contender for the linux mascot image made by @cathodegaytube!